Months pass quickly in the NFT space.. Join the Elderly and take part shaping CryptoArt future.




A token of gratitude

We fully commit to making CryptoGrandmas holders feel like owning intrinsic value. Be part of a community that votes on every decision. Will grandmas help or hinder the NFT space through their actions?

The community decides.

Community Led
Slowly but surely CryptoGrandmas will become autonomous.
Noob Friendly
No matter your experience in crypto or NFT's we'll try our best to help.
No bad vibes
We vote. Disagreements will come. However, disrespect is not allowed.
Community is everything so helping it grow will always be our top priority.
Meet the grannies.
1111 randomly generated CryptoGrandmas living lavishly on ERC-721.
Minting CryptoGrandmas means access to special prizes during and after mint!

Includes creative and commercial rights usage of your Grannie for as long as you keep the NFT.

0 +++
Raffles. Giveaways. Unlocks. Charity. .ETH bingo & more.
Join us. There's cookies. (cookies is grandma slang for raffles, prizes and donations).
If you are void on the inside and forget your stuff around often you're probably a grandma but just don't know it yet, anyway. Take ownership.
Ideas? Throw em' in the cooking pot.
Grandmas have been around the block(chain) since "Bored Ape" meant Koko the Gorilla. Grandma ownership will always mean voting on innovative community pitches to spark things up. Nobody tells grandma what to do.
Check out Grandmas Archives. Bullish.
CryptoGrandmas will commit to contribute to the NFT space and conversation by establishing a community wallet to purchase emerging CryptoArt and support NFT makers and content creators.

Our First Step - The Genesis

1111 Genesis CryptoGrandmas will act as the definitive Founders Mint Passes to the CryptoGrandma Universe.


Genesis CryptoGrandmas holder benefits:


-Exclusive access to interviews with NFT & Crypto Artists & Investors-CryptoGrandmas Merch & Prints with holder only % discounts.
-Creative Input in the CryptoGrandma ComicBook
-Percentage of Secondary Sales Royalties from Genesis CryptoGrandmas and all upcoming collections.
-Voting power in regards to our upcoming collection that will expand the Granny Universe


Our Genesis Holders will help shape the future of our upcoming collections and NFT voting Ecosystem

A token of gratitude!

5 Random Grandmas from the first 10% of mints will be raffled 1000$ each.

GrandmaComics series is established

Have you wondered what Oldest of Grandmas did in her 888 years of life? Or maybe where that parrot Chubby got came from?

Grandmas have unique identities and backstories and it's time to find out more.

Fan/Holder lore can also be submitted for a chance to be featured in an upcoming comic!

Community Choice - First Donation

"underMatress" vault put to use. We'll donate 10 000$ wherever the community decides.

Elderly Council of Grandmas

Members get higher percentage from secondary sales and have representative voting powers. 

Early backers will get community roles and prize games begin.

CryptoArtsy Grandmas

We kickstart Grandmas Museum.

 Grandmas will decide what the first NFT in the gallery should be and what happens with it (hold, raffle or fractionalize?)

Grandma SWEEPS!

WHAT IS THAT FLOOR?! 2 days after sell-out we'll clean the floors.
Sweeped Grandmas added to the Museum.

Grandmas plan ahead.

We've all learned from our Grandmas. Now that we are Grandmas it's time for us to teach.

We'll create a community-ran platform curated by artists, creators, developers, project owners and successful traders in the industry.

Check out Roadmap 2.0 for more insight on our future plans


Nov 2021


  • Comic Book Series
  • Elderly Council
  • Charity Donations
  • Holder Raffle
  • Floor Sweep
Dec 2021


  • Grandma Museum
  • First Purchase
  • Hivemind Plans
  • Merch Shop
Jan 2022

NFT EduPlatform

  • Building the platform
  • Securing Partnerships
Feb 2022

NFT EduPlatform

  • Launch
  • Creating Content
  • Marketing
Mar 2022

2nd Gen Collection

  • Expanding the CryptoGrandmas
  • Multiverse
  • Genesis Collection Holders
  • can mint for free
  • We will raffle a house
Apr 2022

MetaVerse Plans

  • Choosing the Metaverse
  • Securing Collaboration with 3D Artists
  • Creating the Tea Room
May 2022

Future Expansion

  • We decide our plans together
  • as well as refine and expand
  • the current uitility


Our socials below.


Join the Grandmas Discord for daily raffles, vibing with the community & creators and plotting the future.


Get the announcements straight from the tap. Shout us out for the chance to win plenty of special goodies.


Frequently Asked Questions

CryptoGrandmas is a collection of 1111 unique, randomly generated grandmas chilling on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs, hosted on IPFS.

Grandma holders vote on every major decision. Join the Discord to find out more.

Pre-sale date is going to be 17th of November. Everybody wants fast food but we will deliver 12/10 and future-proof the project.

Each grandma will cost 0.05 ETH (+gas).

You will be able to mint directly on our website, using Metamask.

For Presale, a maximum of 3 grandmas per spot. For Main Sale, a maximum of 10 grandmas per transaction will be allowed.

Grandmas will be revealed on OpenSea 24 hours after the main sale is over.



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Metadata Slinger